Hawaii 2015

Escape With The Yamas: A Hawaiian Yoga Retreat with April Mueller

June 5-12, 2015 | Pahoa, Hawaii

About The Retreat:

According to traditional yogic teachings, the eight limbs of yoga are the eight steps one must follow in order to reach enlightenment. The first step on this path is made up of the five yamas, or ethical guidelines one should follow when interacting with others. During this retreat, we devoted each day’s asana practice and contemplation to each of the yamas, learning how to apply them in our lives, leaving us more positive and focused.


“My time on the yoga retreat in Hawaii with Sacred Prana Yoga was well worth it. It was the perfect time to hit the reset button. I ate nourishing food, practiced yoga daily, enjoyed community time, and got to know myself better. I would definitely take this journey again. April did an excellent job holding a safe place to heal while providing applicable yoga knowledge for my everyday life.”
–Morgan Schoob

“There are so many things that this retreat had to offer. I loved the communication at the table with the like-minded individuals and getting to learn their quirks, their emotions, their beliefs and their passions. My absolute favorite was doing Yin yoga late at night, in the dimmed dark studio and our teacher April. She had practiced with us for the entire session. I felt we were all in tuned on a more spiritual level with each other and it was absolutely amazing!”
–Christy Maurer

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